Diary of a free man

Christmas in Charleston

We've just gotten back in Berlin yesterday after having spent Christmas and New Years in the US. Coming back to Berlin was like entering a completely different world from where we were in Charleston. Back in SC, we were walking... Continue Reading →

Permanent Residency!

Yesterday I pasted an important milestone in my journey to moving to Berlin; I was granted an "unbefristete Niederlassungserlaubnis", or an unlimited settlement permit. When I was planning my move to Berlin, the visa component was always daunting. At the... Continue Reading →

Sword, CWNA, & CCNP.

Earlier this week I finally got something I've wanted for almost 15 years. It's the Agincourt from Albion-Swords. It's a little over 46 inches (117cm) long and weighs about 3lbs 7oz, or a little over a kilo and a half.... Continue Reading →

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