Diary of a free man



Sword, CWNA, & CCNP.

Earlier this week I finally got something I've wanted for almost 15 years. It's the Agincourt from Albion-Swords. It's a little over 46 inches (117cm) long and weighs about 3lbs 7oz, or a little over a kilo and a half.... Continue Reading →

Focusing my tech career

Looking back at my working history, I think of my career in tech in terms of phases. When I first decided to transition from history to technology my goal was to be a technician. I was eager to make the... Continue Reading →

Got my CCNA, now what?

On Tuesday this week I finally accomplished something that I had been trying to accomplish for more or less 4 years: I got my Cisco Certified Networking Associate certification. When I was starting out in tech, I was always working... Continue Reading →

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