Earlier this month I took a solo trip down to Bavaria to visit a friend of mine whom I met through work. He had recently started a new job in the south of Germany and I took a day off for a long weekend to go down and spend some time with him and his wife in their new town outside Munich.

In addition to seeing him, I was excited to return to the area again as Munich was the first destination outside of the US that I visited in 2000. It was at this time that my passion for medieval history was starting to bloom and I was sure seeing the old Glockenspiel in Munich would bring back memories of that point in my life.

I bought first class tickets on a train from Berlin to Munich for the trip there and back. I could have flown, but I wanted to see the countryside while riding down the length of Germany (it takes about 6 hours) and the first class tickets weren’t too much more than second class.


Arriving in Munich, I took a connecting S-bahn to my friend’s stop and there he and his wife met me to take me to their new apartment. I really liked the area, especially because near by their apartment were some really nice woods that you could take a stroll through. It was a great change from the urban bustle that is Berlin.


I arrived mid-afternoon and so we spent the rest of the evening having some delicious food and just hanging out chatting out how life’s been going.

The next morning we went to visit Flugplatz Schleißheim which is an old airfield and plane museum outside of Munich. (It’s actually part of a larger group of museums under the umbrella of the Deutsches Museum)

The museum is constructed inside the old hanger bays. They had civilian and military aircraft:

Some of the old biplanes were still in flying condition and able to be flown on special occasions! There was even an aircraft restoration and repair shop in one hanger where you could watch people working to restore old aircraft. That must be a fun job.

We got really lucky with the weather that weekend as it was sunny and not too hot. After spending a few hours exploring the planes, we wandered outside and stumbled upon Schleissheim Palace. The new palace is a magnificent Baroque palace.

It was at this time that I discovered that my phone can take 360 degree “sphere photos”!

At the moment, there does not seem to be an easy way to directly embed these photos into my blog besides uploading them to google maps, having them approved by google, and then embedding them that way. In the meantime, if you want to see some cool 360 sphere photos I took while on the trip, click here.

As an American, I find these palaces to be just insane. We don’t really have anything like this in the US. Sure, we’ve got some crazy houses that rich tycoons built, but nothing like this. I just can’t help but think of all the effort and energy that went into building these opulent houses for aristocratic fucks who usually didn’t live there. The whole thing’s just basically a “hey, look how much money I have, fuck you!” I can only imagine what could have been done if the effort and money was diverted to helping improve the living conditions of the peasants living under these rulers, but alas, it’s like that everywhere.

The following day we drove into Munich to walk around a bit before my train back to Berlin. We made a stop by the Glockenspiel, which did indeed bring back memories of being twelve and visiting Germany for the first time. Twelve year old me at the time had no way of knowing that seventeen years later I’d be standing there again, but as someone who was living in Germany. Maybe that’s dorky, but I think it’s pretty cool.