This weekend I finished a personal tech project that I’ve often thought about many times and finally got around to actually doing.

My apartment bathroom is in the center of my apartment. There are no windows, only a little exhaust fan over the mirror that half the time I think serves only as a placebo. My bathroom door has this little vent at the base:


The vent does nothing. There’s nothing to force air through it. It just makes me think of suffocating. I wish I had some fans to force air through the vent…So that’s exactly what I did.

My first ideas were to have some large cylinder fan on the back of the door, but this was going to be extremely bulky, expensive, and probably very loud.


I went to go measure the vent. The size was 44 cm long and 8 cm tall, which just so happened to be large enough to fit five 80mm PC case fans!


I ordered 5 off of amazon, some adapters, and a small power supply. All the fans I bought were 12 volt fans, but the power supply I bought only could power 4 fans, half on 12 volt, half on 5 volt, so I had to cut up the adapter cables to connect all 5 fans in parallel to the 12 volt prongs.


It works!!! Mwhahaha…


Next I had to make a new vent cover. The old plastic vent I had would not allow me to fit the fans behind it (and plus I thought it might restrict airflow) so I had to make a new vent cover by hand. I didn’t want to leave the fans open and uncovered because if you accidentally touch the blades it can really cut you badly, and sometimes we have friends over with a small dog.

So I went to the craft store and bought some thin wire mesh that would create a barrier but allow air flow, and some white plastic that I could easily cut.

I then ran some cable channels along my wall and just above my tile to give it a nice clean and low profile look.

The finished result: