I always feel a bit awkward when discussing immigration in Germany since I myself am an immigrant. Nonetheless, there is a cultural crisis happening in Europe right now, one that many people refuse to even admit.

Contributing to this problem is the fact that everything is set in black and white terms. You’re either left or your right. You’re either pro-refugee or a right wing racist.

The mere suggestion that there is a cultural crisis is enough to brand you as a racist. There’s no room for reasonable people who see issues with both sides.

It’s so strange for me to see my liberal friends acting and speaking with such firebrand moral authority about the issue of culture and immigration. When I was younger, I was fiercely liberal and would have counted myself within the progressive left’s ranks. Now I feel this since of being an outcast from the left, a heretic. I see so many traits and behaviors I used to scorn conservatives for, but now manifest in those I would have previously called allies. Now I’m left in the middle of no-man’s land between the left and the right, not fitting in perfectly with either. The one advantage to this isolation is that I feel more free to call bullshit on both sides when I see it, and there’s a whole lot of bullshit going on in Europe.

Here’s the situation as I see it:

The refugee crisis is a byproduct of the US’s proxy war in Syria. The US had to have known this was going to happen to Europe when they created ISIS and destabilized Syria, but hey “Fuck ’em, amirite?” This conflict causes a wave of people to flee the region and try to make it for the relative safety of the west.

Anyone who was forced to flee their home because of a situation outside of their control is most definitely deserving of help and assistance. It’s the morally correct thing to do.

Here’s the issue: When that person settles in another land, they need to abide by the laws and customs of their host country. I’m not saying they need to abandon their cultural identity, but rather they need to adapt and yield to the laws of their host country in instances where their culture and customs clash with the laws of the host country.

I’m and immigrant and I do this just fine here in Germany. I maintain aspects of my cultural identity, while at the same time following German laws and customs. I’m also actively trying to assimilate into the society of my host country. I’m learning the language and engaging in the customs. I’m excited and receptive to learning about the culture of the place I’ve made my home.

This wave of immigration to Europe has brought with it a lot of great people deserving of help, but it has also brought a lot of people who suddenly find themselves in a society radically different from what they’re used to.

Europe is not the middle east. There are vast differences between views on how women are viewed and treated, the role of religion in society, freedom of speech, sexuality, and acceptable behavior in public.

We now have a situation where large groups of people have been transplanted into a society that is extremely at odds with the society they came from. For those who refuse to assimilate and follow the laws of their host country, this causes tensions and clashes. We have a right wing that wants to expel the foreigners and a left wing that refuses to acknowledge there is a problem.

The big question is how do you aid those that need aid while at the same time maintaining your integrity as a nation and culture?

It’s becoming harder and harder to ignore the fact that there’s a problem, especially after the mass sexual harassment of over 500 women by over 1000 North African/Middle Eastern men on New Years eve in Cologne and other cities.

Just this past Sunday, 3 North African men attempted to stone to death two transgender women in Dortmund upon discovering they were transsexuals after sexually harassing them. Fortunately for the two victims, the police just happened to be patrolling nearby and saw the attempted murder and intervened.

The reaction from the left, especially those of the Social Justice Warrior ilk, has been mind-numbingly idiotic.

If they even acknowledge that such attacks took place (many prefer just to refuse to believe it) they do some amazing mental gymnastics to explain it away. Here’s a popular excuse for the Cologne attacks: “That was just a right-wing conspiracy to make refugees look bad!”

Yeah…so the people on the right got together and somehow secretly got thousands of refugee men across Europe to sexually harass women in order to make refugees look bad?


The reaction of the mayor of Cologne, a woman, was not to tell North African and Middle Eastern immigrants not to molest and rape, but to tell women to be more careful.

Suddenly there are people on the left, who normally are staunch defenders of women, rushing to be apologists for rapists and sexual harassers and to blame their female victims.

Shit like this makes zero sense until you remember the core tenets of the Social Justice Warrior cult:

  • White men are always to blame, always.
  • Only white men can be racist/sexist/commit crimes
  • All other groups besides white men must be defended

This leads to some astounding cognitive dissonance and mental gymnastics. You see, because the people in question are North African/Middle Eastern immigrants, and by definition not white men, then they’re one of the oppressed groups that must be defended. Therefore, everything they do must be excused away or spun in a way to make white men the guilty party. The vary same people who believe straight white men are the root of all evil are the same people who attack Canada for a policy of baring straight Middle Eastern men from immigrating to Canada. The only difference? The men from the Middle East are not white and thus it’s wrong to discriminate against them, even though their views on women are radically different from what’s acceptable in western society.