There’s a really popular but naive belief out there that war and conflict are caused by hate and misunderstanding. The thinking follows: If we only loved more and listened to people, we could solve our problems peacefully and end war. Two examples of this sentiment that have stuck in my mind for years are rapper Jay-Z’s lyrics in Beware of the boys “…only love kills war; when will they learn?” and The Black Eyed Peas song Where is the love?

At the start of this weekend, terrorists attacked Paris and killed over 127 innocent people who where just going about their lives. Facebook is flooded with a Jean Jullien image peace for Paris:


My interpretation of this that it is trying to promote peace across the various cultures in Paris while tensions are high and is thus also related to the above mentioned sentiment that love and understanding will overcome hatred and bloodshed.

The notion that love cures war is a happy thought, but it’s utter bullshit. The premise upon which it rests: that war is caused by hate and misunderstanding, is completely wrong.

War hasn’t been about hate and misunderstanding since the days when ignorant tribes of goat herders were killing each other and burning sheep testicles on an alter to their deity.

We don’t have very much information yet about the men who murdered all those people, or why they did it. There is initial speculation that they are connected somehow to Syria, which would be extremely convenient for some political agendas and media narratives.

Assuming for a moment that the people who committed this attack did so because of actions by western powers in Syria, that would mean that this massacre was the result of a war being fought for business interests.

War is a racket.

Let me repeat that. War. is. a. racket! It is a business venture. It is waged and conducted for business purposes. Always.

Continuing with our assumption of motive, that makes these 127+ people just more civilian casualties in a war that has already killed between a quarter million and half a million people, and displaced millions more from their homes.

It’s a war that’s been encouraged and fueled by powerful business interests in foreign countries, primarily the US, and has now turned into a proxy war between the US and Russia for control over the region.

And now the killing has spilled over into the streets of Western cities. But that doesn’t matter to the people pushing this conflict. The people living in any given area are just background noise. If a bunch of French kids get butchered at a concert or shot while having a coffee, who cares? It’s just the cost of business.

It’s actually good for business.

When war is your business, any tragedy fueling a conflict is good for business.

War is a racket is actually the title of a book and speech by US Major General Smedley Butler.

Butler, had worked his way up to the top levels of the Marine corps during the first quarter of the 20th century. He fought in several countries, in several wars, including in WWI. During the course of his service, he saw how he and his fellow soldiers were being used as muscle for American business interests, how wars were being waged for business interests.

Sure, they cloaked everything in patriotism and “defending democracy!” but he saw the inner workings. He saw them same as Supreme allied commander, and later President, Dwight Eisenhower did two and a half decades later after WWII. Behind every conflict there are business men pushing to make a profit.

So go ahead and sing “Give peace a chance” all you want. Peace is bad for business when you’re the world’s largest arms dealer. There are very powerful business interests invested in perpetual conflict. It’s why the Syrian civil war was fostered as other conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan were winding down. It’s why ISIS was created after Al Qaeda stopped being a big enough boogie man. It’s why the US continues to fund and supply ISIS while simultaneously pretending to make a show of trying to stop them. It’s why the US is so upset that Russia is now coming in and bombing ISIS and all the US backed militants in the region. And now people are dead in Paris, but hey, it’s just the cost of doing business.

If you’re even a half-way decent human being you can see how revolting and sickening this whole arrangement is. This is what happens when humanity allows psychopaths to run the world.