Last life in Berlin post I left you guys with the exciting update that I had finally found a job in Berlin. Well shortly after publishing that and telling all my friends and family the job called and said they changed their mind and were rescinding their offer. The reason they gave was that they decided to not move the company to the new office. The whole thing felt really odd and was extremely unprofessional of them.

Needless to say, I was crushed. It felt like life had raised my hopes so high just to drop me. But what could I do? Sometimes there is just absolutely nothing you can do but move forward. The very next day I replied to an email I had received a few days earlier from another company asking for an interview. I originally didn’t respond, and almost said “no thanks” because I had this other job offer lined up. I now sent them a reply email saying I would be interested in speaking with them if they were still interested.

2 weeks and 9 (yes, 9) interviews later they offered me the position. I’m now waiting on the paperwork from my lawyer to complete so I can get a new work visa and hopefully start later this month. I’m really reserved about it though. I’m half expecting it to fall through again at any moment. I’ll admit, I resent the feeling that I can’t celebrate anything for fear of jinxing it. Regardless, I’m trying to be optimistic about it. I’ll allow myself to be excited after I get my first paycheck.

In the meantime, I’ve started a small side project. I was sitting in a park one day and was really enjoying just listening to all the ambient sounds around me. I thought it might be cool to record those sounds and just put them up on youtube for people to here. I borrowed a microphone and started recording the ambient of various locations around Berlin. Here are some of the recordings:

In more personal news, about a month ago I started dating a German girl. She studied in the US for a bit and speaks fluent English. She’s helping me improve my German by reading books together. We’re starting small, kids books from her childhood, and will hopefully work our ways up from there. We communicate in mostly in English, but I’m trying to be better about speaking German with her.

Tomorrow we’re going on a four day trip to Bremen and Hamburg together. I figured it was best to go now before I start working because otherwise I’ll be fairly busy all the time. It’ll be my first time on one of the Inter City Express trains and I’m pretty excited. The trip should take about 3 hours and she promised I could sit by the window for my first train ride. I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures and update you.

Bis bald